Funeral Homes

Your Role In The GOOD Picture

As a funeral director, you are the friend that helps a family say good-bye to a cherished loved one. You give those remaining the opportunity to communicate the breadth and depth of love they felt for the one they've lost. As a "Circle of Life" Partner, you can give families one more way to honor their loved one.

The "Circle of Life" is a public service campaign developed by the Global Organization for Organ Donation, GOOD. Through this campaign, you, as a Funeral Home, can offer to honor organ donors and recipients with a "Circle of Life" symbol in obituary listings. This simple program works through a cooperation of effort by funeral homes, local newspapers and local organ procurement organizations all coordinated by GOOD.

Your participation as a "Circle of Life" Partner will be recognized with a certificate (click link to view) and a listing and/or link on this website. There is no charge for the symbol to the families or funeral home that choose to recognize their loved one with a "Circle of Life" symbol.

Please email us to request a packet with additional information about this public service program. Please include your name, funeral home name, address, city, state and zip code in your email.