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How The Press Can Help Save Lives

As newspaper men and women, you reach the public each and every day with vital information. I hope that you will consider partnering with the Global Organization for Organ Donation, GOOD, as a part of our "Circle of Life" newspaper public awareness campaign.

GOOD was created to educate the public about organ, eye and tissue donation, correct misconceptions about donation, and create a greater willingness to donate.

Since the "Circle of Life" program's launch on June 8, 2003, GOOD has received in-kind space from newspapers valued at over $800,000 to help save lives in their communities.

Newspaper articles and editorials about GOOD
"Circle of Life" newspaper partners

The "Circle of Life" campaign consists of three parts:

  1. A "Circle of Life" symbol to be added to Obituary listings of heroes who have either donated organs, eyes or tissue or received an organ, eye or tissue transplant
  2. Testimonial PSAs
  3. Facts about donation and statistical information

If you choose to participate, GOOD will provide the following:

  1. Camera-ready art for PSA testimonials
  2. Facts and statistical information panels
  3. The "Circle of Life" definition
  4. "Circle of Life" symbol (provided as art or infont format)

Thank you for considering this opportunity. Without your support, we cannot help the over 93,000 people currently waiting to receive the gift of life.

If you have any questions about GOOD or would like more information, please contact GOOD at 918-605-1994.