Organ Procurement Organizations

What You Need To Know

The Global Organization for Organ Donation, GOOD, was founded to honor organ donors and recipients, educate the public about organ, eye and tissue donation, correct misconceptions about donation, and create a greater willingness to donate.

It is our belief that by implementing the "Circle of Life" campaign nationally, organ donations can grow dramatically.

To this end, we have developed a public awareness program and system of participation between the organ procurement organization (OPO), funeral homes and newspapers. The program's effectiveness is based on the use of a consistent symbol, used across the country in the obituary section to honor the deceased as an organ and/or tissue donor. The use of the "Circle of Life" symbol comes from the national Coalition on Donation's logo. The newspaper obituary section is the perfect vehicle for our message because it is the most read section of the paper that people invite into their homes every day.

It is our desire to be a strategic partner with the organ procurement organization by acting as an advocate and liaison on behalf of the OPO. We work to promote the "Circle of Life" awareness campaign to newspapers and the media, build relationships with funeral homes so that they are prepared to spread the GOOD news about organ donation, work with other nonprofits and civic groups, and lobby political officials.

The program's test market was Oklahoma. GOOD successfully implemented the first "Circle of Life" campaign by coordinating efforts from LifeShare, the Oklahoman, the Tulsa World and local funeral homes. LifeShare saw a significant increase in both donations, transplants and interest in being a donor.

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We invite you to become a "Circle of Life" OPO Partner.

As a "Circle of Life" OPO Partner, GOOD will work on your behalf to:

  1. Coordinate newspaper participation in your state by providing the paper with:
    1. The "Circle of Life" font symbol designed specifically to be used in Obituary listings
    2. Provide photo testimonials per your local paper's specifications
    3. Provide informational and/or statistical ads per your local paper's specifications
    4. Travel and help with initial meetings with media (if desired by OPO)
  2. Gather photo testimonials for ongoing PSA campaign from donor families and recipients
    1. Develop a GOOD web-based photo gallery with password access for partner OPO access
    2. Develop testimonial database organized by state
  3. Coordinate funeral home participation across your state
    1. Providing coaching and educational materials to funeral homes
    2. Attend regional, district, and national meetings and major conventions of the funeral home industry
    3. Provide first call forms (via website) or stickers with organ and tissue donation questions

GOOD is a not-for-profit. Funds received are to help defray the costs for development.

Please contact Shelly Brady Koontz for more information and a pricing structure for these services.

Phone: 918-605-1994