GOOD Beginnings

The Cause Begins

Ten years ago the Brady family faced what 93,000 other families are facing today — waiting for someone who said "yes." They were told that their father's heart was failing. Plan A was a heart transplant. There was no Plan B.

Jay Brady was placed on a waiting list, his family realizing that each passing day could be his last. After three months, the family received a call — there was a heart — and a perfect match. A young man, just 37 years old, had indicated his desire to be an organ donor and made sure his family was aware of his wish. Because of his precious gift, the Brady family has known the joy of seeing their dad's health restored.

Out of this experience, the Global Organization for Organ Donation, GOOD, was founded by Shelly Brady Koontz. "Each day we are grateful for the good gift of life," says Brady Koontz. "Through the work of GOOD, it is my desire to honor the young man who gave my family a gift we could never repay."

The GOOD Mission

In 1996, a heart transplant and a wedding in the CICU starts the "Circle of Life" program. GOOD was founded, as a result, in 2001. It is GOOD's mission to educate the public about organ, eye and tissue donation, correct misconceptions about donation, and create a greater willingness to donate. One way we hope to increase public acceptance of donation is by honoring donors and recipients through our GOOD newspaper obituary "Circle of Life" campaign. In this campaign, the "Circle of Life" symbol is placed in the obituary of a person who was a donor or recipient in their lifetime. This simple symbol, is a way to express our appreciation for the GOOD work of organ, eye and tissue donation. The obituary "Circle of Life" program is supplemented with testimonial PSAs. GOOD also works to remind potential donors of the importance of talking about their desire to donate with their family.

The Mark of GOODness — Keeping the Circle Turning in Newspaper Obituaries

In an effort to honor those who have either donated organs or tissue or received an organ or tissue transplant, we encourage newspapers, funeral homes, and organ procurement offices to be participants in the "Circle of Life" campaign. Please help us encourage your newspaper, funeral homes, and organ procurement office, to start the "Circle of Life" in your city.

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