Shelly Brady Koontz


In 1994, Shelly Brady Koontz conceived an idea and seized an opportunity. While trying to convince her niece that the bathtub was a fun place to be, she wondered why there wasn't a kid-friendly, fun product that would make bath time exciting. Through her own perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit, from a bathtub in Tulsa Shelly began what would become a phenomenon in preschool products. In 1996, Tub Tints was launched and 40,000,000 tablets sold in the first 18 months. Tub Tints was featured on QVC, in Style Magazine, Regis & Kathie Lee, Parenting Magazine and on the Rosie O'Donnell Show. Her products were sold around the world, and domestically in FAO Schwartz, Linens & Things, Target, WalMart and Crate & Barrel. In 1998, she licensed to her idea to Equity Marketing, which has since gone on to sell hundreds of millions of Tub Tints tablets around the globe and in over 1500 retail outlets. In addition, Shelly was the creator, patent holder and executive producer of the One Minute Workout DVD launched in January 2006 by Sony Wonder / Sony Music Entertainment.

Shelly's entrepreneurial successes gave her the means by which to seize yet another opportunity when she came face to face with another need — the need of life-saving transplants for over thousands of people on waiting lists. In 1999, she learned that her father was experiencing cardiac failure, the only treatment for which was a heart transplant. After three arduous months on a waiting list, Jay Brady received the gift of life from a 37-year-old man who had made the generous, unselfish commitment to be an organ donor, a decision that her family's life. It was during those excruciating months of waiting for her father's donor match that Shelly learned how easy it was to become a donor and how many people die each year waiting for a match.

Out of this experience, GOOD was founded. Since its inception, The Global Organization for Organ Donation has launched a newspaper campaign, resulting in an unprecedented 33% increase in organ donations in Oklahoma by and saved countless lives. Shelly is committed to seeing her Circle of Life newspaper campaign launched in newspapers across the country and around the world to spotlight the donors who so generously gave and the recipients whose lives were saved.

Shelly has enlisted the help of the press, celebrities, doctors, and anyone who will listen. She has been awarded the Red Cross Hero of the Day award, and her walls are lined with letters from doctor, politicians, celebrities and everyday people whose lives she has positively effected.

Truly a woman on a mission, Shelly's goal is to educate the public on the tremendous life saving opportunity that exists through organ donation, ultimately helping save the lives of those 93,000 people in this country alone who are currently on a list waiting for a life-saving transplant.